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Jul. 16th, 2017 06:40 pm
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Ohkura, Subaru, Hina and Ryo went back to Tokyo by flight directly after Hokkaido con ends that very night and the rest of the members went back to Osaka today instead.

So Yu-kun starts ANN without Tacchon and he's kinda sulking lol. And he's telling the listeners that since there's flight until late night in Hokkaido and only 1 day of concert in Sapporo, instead of doing a long distance radio show, it's Ohkura himself who decided to just go back to Tokyo and do the show live together instead. So he's supposed to land at 11.30 pm but Yu-kun could not get connected to Tacchon yet so even Yu-kun don't know what's going on right now lol. But card board from the staff said the flight departed slightly late so Tacchon may be a bit late lol.

So Yu-kun calls Tacchon. Phone got connected but got connected to voice mail lol. While dialing Yu-kun remarked that he's not used to the studio's phone since it's Ohkura who usually dialed and pushed the button lol. 2nd time, also not connected!

Yu-kun: For the sake of the listeners who are patiently waiting for us, I will not give up calling Ohkura-san! -dials again-

Voice mail again! Yu-kun left a voice mail lol. He left a very informal voice mail lol. Since he has to do title call already so he gave up calling for the time being and do the title call alone lol. Then he said that within this 2 and half years this is the first time he has to say “Saturday Special All Night Nippon” because usually it's Tacchon who usually said it lol.

So, Yu-kun had Ongaku no Hi today and he was in the backstage room the whole day. At that time, he received messages from his niece who went to eito con in Sapporo. She posted her super happy smile and her Tacchon uchiwa lol before the con. He said this is the first time he saw her thaaaat happy lol. She haven't told him her feelings about the con yet though XD.

LAWL, Yu-kun forgot that Tacchon is not around yet and when he do the mail introduction he waits for the part when the mail address is being said by Tacchon and so the studio is like …. for a few seconds until he remembers that Tacchon is not around XD.

So while talking, suddenly they receive a call!

Y: Moshi moshi?
???: Moshi moshi~ (girly tone)
Y: Eh?! Ummmmm... name, place please!
???: Osaka prefacture, Higashiosaka, Name is I-keep-on-crushing-foot-corn
Y: Lol what a nickname! So where are you now?
???: Right now I'm somewhere riding in high speed
Y: High speed?? You landed just now right?
???: Which is why I'm saying I'm in high speed now idiot! (XD Okay if you can't guess who it is yet then this caller is actually Kurako, the female alter ego of Tacchon lololol) I landed around 11.40 pm just now.
Y: So when are you going to arrive?
K: Where?
Y: Yurakucho studio!
K: Is that your business? (XD Gawd, Kurako is definitely bitchier than Tacchon lololol)
Y: It's OUR BIGGG business. It's your radio show yo!
K: … I want to talk about my fail story though
Y: Ah, ah, okay, so what's your fail story?
K: I want to go to the toilet but it seems that the place had changed and so I have no time and I just entered the car. Now, my bladder is about to explode. This is yellow talk but no yellow talk is allowed!
Y: lololol. Well, I think it's okay for us to talk like this while you're on the way
K: It's fine, that's what I'm trying to do now.
Y: XD.
K: So what corner do we have today?
Y: We got ira ira janken today but last week our talk about body hair got so heated up so I wonder if we might as well just continue that.
K: I hate talks about body hairs.
Y: Eh? You hate?? So are you a girl?
K: I'm a girl.
Y: This setting is difficult! XD;; So what did you do today?
K: Today? I keep on battling foot corn.
Y: lolololol. It gotta hurt right?
K: It hurts. Um... sorry right now I'm on Rainbow Bridge, I can't hear you properly.
Y: XD. So, after you battled foot corn you stand on Sapporo Dome stage?
K: That... will be said later on. Miss I-keep-on-crushing-foot-corn is a fantasy. Dome con will be a reality story later.
Y: ?? I was talking to a fantasy?? XD




Y: So I think Miss I-keep-on-crushing-foot-corn is still listening to our radio so I want to warn her that the studio that we use today is not the usual one and is at the total opposite wing. And go to the toilet first before you enter studio lol.

Lol while reading all the letters, Tacchon rings the bell asking to be allowed to enter. He arrived! XD. Tacchon was all breathless lololol. He said he went to the toilet already lol. He said he didn't have time to buy any souvenirs but Hokkaido staffs had helped him to buy. But he was too rushed to bring the stuff and left it in car and so he'd give it to ANN staff in future XD.

Tacchon said he had lots of fun in today's con. And as usual his voice sounds raspy each time he do ANN after live XD;. He said he arrived in Sapporo the day before yesterday. He came much earlier because there's a lot of things (concert related) that he wish to check.

Y: I left you a voice mail! Did you listen to it?
O: I did. But it was so informal that it was like a message from a friend instead. But well, you ARE my friend so. I was expecting a joke or sth but it was toootally like your normal voice mail!

This time Tacchon is in charge of lighting and videos. He said when in charge of the lightings, you tell the lighting staff about how you want it to be and they will come up with a plan for it and then you go and check if it fits your ideas or anything you can adjust or change. This is not the first time he's in charge of this since he's interested in production of lighting and videos. He told the chief about it and thus the chief manager often lets him do it. So previously (before he took charge of the lighting), when he watch eito's con, he'd objectively try to look at it and think from fans point of view. “If I'm sitting there, I wish this is more like this, more like that etc” so from then on he decided that he wanted to be involved with production of lighting and videos. He didn't want to be like do the last reharsal and then say want to change this and that and create trouble to staff. So he told the manager that he wants to be involved earlier before plan was made so that minimal change and less trouble will be made.

Yu-kun said, he had never forgotten the first time he went to Eito con (Kanjanism). He went to greet eito backstage but didn't get to talk to all of eito because there's a lot of people. But Tacchon gave a gesture to Yu-kun (the OK hand sign) asking if he thinks the concert that they planned this time is okay (since Kanjanism tour is another production from Tacchon too). Yu-kun said he didn't come to judge them so loll.

O: No, no, I mean... I want to know from your point of view how it is! XD;
Y: But well still, do you think I can go and say “Don't do this, don't do that!”?? XD. But you made me happy nonetheless.

And Yu-kun gave a “good” hand sign. So from then on, Yu-kun realize that Tacchon is very much involved in concert productions but Tacchon said all Johnny's do that too so. Yu-kun asked this time what the other members other than Tacchon in charge of for the concert. Tacchon said the plannings are mostly made by him this time. But for the setlist all 7 members decide on it.

So Yu-kun being the gossip loving guy he is asked if the members kind of like fight when they decide on the setlist and Tacchon said well, we're all adults now lol so no.

O: But there are time when someone suggest something and then another member said, “Well, isn't xxx better?”. Then there'd be another member that'd go, “Regarding this, I have something to say. I think xxx song is better, xxxx is my reason so don't you think it's better this way instead?” and the rest will think on which idea is better. We don't have a member who'd be like, “I want xxxx and it must be xxxx!” so we don't fight.

Yu-kun said it's his image of Yasu but since Yasu wrote a lot of songs he wonders if Yasu would get heated up about setlist and have strong opinion about it. Tacchon said that Yasu is the other way around lol. He keeps on suggesting weird af stuff and members would be like, “You're really weird.” XDD.

O: What I think is interesting is that each time we decide on songs setlist, Maruyama-kun keeps on suggesting to add “Osaka Rainy Blues” for each tour. And when asked why he keeps on wanting to add it for each tour he'd say, “Because my dad likes it.” XD; The rest of the members are like, “It's fine that your dad likes it but there's concert flow (ORB does have a pretty downward mood and flow XD;) and there's a few thousand other people who came other than your dad too!” XDD (And they couldn't possibly add ORB for all tours XD)

So nowadays Tacchon can predict what Maru is about to say when he asked Maru's suggestion on song to add to setlist lol.

And so they played Osaka Rainy Blues on tonight's ANN. Maru dad, please listen to it! XD Yu-kun listened to this song a lot while creating songs for eito and he likes it from the moment the guitar intro of the song.

O: This song really suits Subaru-kun's voice. And even the hand gesture of the dance, most if not all the fans know how to do it and joins us when we do it. I love and and we all (eito members) like it too but this song is difficult to add most of the time because the moment you put this song on, the atmosphere of the concert totally change since this song has a very strong world view of it's own!

But Maru-chan keep on wanting to add this song. So the members are like, “How to tell him...” lol since they want to push forward the concept of the album and ORB is totally the opposite world view XD.

Tacchon said Sapporo is hotter than Tokyo now.

XD Lawl, there's a caller who trains to be an announcer at her school and Kura then keeps on making the announcer voice! XDDD. You annoying guy!


Kura announcing that eito will have 4 days concert in Osaka next week and Kiseki no Hito Single with Metrock footage. Yu-kun got overexcited lol.

They didn't say if ANN is going to be recording or long distance or on a break next week so I wonder if Tacchon will attempt to return to Tokyo like what he did today next week too. XD; Just, take care of yourself yah Tacchon.





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So they start by catching up with an embarrassed half naked Kura XD. He keeps on saying “I'm embarrassed!” Commentator said this is another person who have yet to decide anything yet.

(a bit of background, the staff approached the members one by one before the final leg of Osaka Eightertainment tour regarding their plan to have a sort of deep heart to heart talk and the venue and timing is chosen by the members themselves freely. The time limit for them to tell their decision is limitless as in before the dvd itself is made for release. Some members decide fast and easily some took forever, lol. I guess it's an indication of their personality too. XD; Yasu's heart is light and easy to open for anybody seriously! Certain other members, their hearts are like some sort of heavy rusty ancient iron doors or sth XD)

But yet again Tacchon put it off and say “Yes, okay okay, understood” but still no decision and at this point it seems that they had approached him a few times about it lol. During the first time when the staff tells him about their suggestion, he did voice out that he's uncomfortable and embarrassed with the idea of opening up so XD he's obviously trying to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

Finally, the staff gave suggestion and idea to Kura to go to Kyoto, the venue where Hissatsu Shigotonin drama was filmed. And Ohkura okayed the idea. He said it made him feel lighter because he really couldn't decide at all and keeps on feeling if it is acceptable to keep on delaying and being indecisive like this before.

He begin the journey by first visiting and paying respect to the room that used to be occupied by the late Fujita Makoto-san, his personal acting mentor. He once entered that room to give his letter of thankfulness to Fujita-san. He remembers the first time he paid a visit to Fujita-san when he first join Hissatsu cast (age 21/22 in 2007), Fujita-san said a character's name and the newbie young Ohkura said, “I don't know...” and Fujita-san laughed (the indication of this story is that, had it been someone else, Kura may be scolded harshly for his ignorance even when he is a new kid but Fujita-san forgave it lightheartedly). But it made Tacchon realize and think that ah, he should study more.

The female staff then said, “He must be thinking that you have grown up a lot” (ugh, ninja cutting onions)

He then went to the location where old staff went up to him and greeted him warmly. (I'm relieved, during the time he left, there are a lot of mixed feelings especially on Tacchon's part, but like what Higashiyama-san and Mabo reminded him, no matter what he is very well loved by the staffs).

The first location he visit is the 'house' where the whole Hissatsu team assembled. Furthermore, it was left completely like how it used to be. He remembered the first scene that he had to do there and says that every scene that was taken at that house is really serious and quiet that you can hear a pin drop.

One of the staff said he did watch Tacchon's acting related works here and there and would like to see more acting works from him. He said that it's fine whatever acting work Ohkura takes, the only thing he wished for Ohkura is to continuously improve himself.

The conversation with oba-chan staff is cute though. She said “You're busy now right? I often see you appear on tv. But I didn't really watch it because I dunno what you youngsters are talking about because I'm too old for it!” XD (Well, it consist of cats in heat? -smacked-)

Then he went to visit Genta's izayaka (Genta is his character's name who owned an Izakaya and adopt his lover's son after she passed away). His face turned unreadable and he said right now there's a lot of scenes playing in his mind but the clearest memory for him is the frustration he felt the whole time. He said 2009 was a really crazy/insane/roller coaster year for him especially when he felt like there is nothing that he can do well at all in that year. He said from then on he developed a complex regarding acting.

He remembered how back then the staff said, “Creating a good work out of this is a matter of course, and like how it is a matter of course for me to create this props, you giving a good acting is a matter of course too!” but he couldn't give the good acting and it further aggravate his frustration towards himself. At that time he looks at his own acting and keep on thinking, “Gosh, I'm no good at this!!”

And at the beginning of 2009's season of Shigotonin, he was told that the drama will be aired for 2 continuous seasons, so he thought he will be in it throughout the two seasons too. But then halfway during filming of 1st season, while conversing with Mabo or Higashiyama-san, they blurted out that, “Hey, your character's going to die right (after 1 season)?”. At that time the producer haven't told anything about that to him yet and so he was shocked about it and said to them “Eh, I... didn't hear about that...” and it further engraved in him that he is no good/useless at all. They then said that it was the producer who told them that Genta is going to die.

Jam producer: Had it been painful/harsh?

Tacchon: Pretty much/Considerably. It felt like the earth gave me a sentence/verdict.

Then he said by the time a new set/venue had been developed, it's also the meaning that his time is ending. His final death scene took 11/12 hours to film. When it ended, the staff jokingly/lightly said this set/venue is your “farewell party”. It was a joke of sort but Ohkura end up crying and said, “Thank you”. And when he's about to leave, the staffs all waited at the door for him. And he realized that the whole set/venue are really painstakingly done to the staffs limit for his sake. When he think of that, he's more frustrated with his own inability to return their kindness especially since he really wanted to work longer with them.

And he remembers how Fujita-san got angry and said, “Why did you have to kill his character?” to the producer. He further said, “If you really have to kill someone, just kill my character then! If you kill young talents this fast, then there is no way to grow/raise new talents!”

The Jam producer remarks that it's an surprising action from Fujita-san. Tacchon said that it's pretty surprising to him too since they didn't really talk all that much for 2009's Shigotonin (Fujita-san is already pretty sick by then). But they did talk a lot for 2007's Shigotonin and it became a memorable work for Tacchon.

At that time, Fujita-san told him that he was a comedian. And at the end roll of this drama (not 2007's one, the one that Fujita-san first acted in years ago), he was credited with “Comedian: Fujita Makoto”. It was the first time that this prestigious drama credited a comedian properly and thus for Fujita Makoto-san himself, it was a very memorable drama. And so Tacchon said he felt really relatable to Makoto-san at that time because for people like him too, when they enter that sort of place, there's always a bias/mentality of “So he think he's an idol?” too (like people wont take you seriously). But because there's such thing, it becomes a motivation for them (comedian Fujita-san and idol Tacchon) to prove themselves. He said he even felt that way until now.

He said regarding acting, until now he's uncomfortable with it, could never say he had gotten the grasp of it and felt like it's a sort of suffering each time he does it. But he remembers on the last day of Shigotonin, Fujita-san told him to keep on acting. He said if not for Fujita-san's word, he said after Shigotonin, he probably stop doing acting jobs altogether.

Jam producer asked if he continued watching the 2nd season of Shigotonin and Ohkura answered that honestly he didn't even until now because the work only reminds him of the feeling of failure. He does watch the SP though. For him, rather than watching, he'd just continue to remind himself that he'd do better for the next acting job. He just want to leave that feeling of failure/bitterness behind.

And Tacchon remarked that it is good that this footage is taken before his Kumon Onna stage play starts.

They went to a seat under Sakura tree and Ohkura said he is reminded back of the staff words who said he wanted to see Ohkura continue acting and continue to improve himself. So Ohkura thinks that what he means is that he should keep on improving so that even at the age of 40s and 50s he still can support himself with his acting job.


p/s: Suddenly am very glad to have this recorded before Kumon Onna and know how much he still fears acting because I am reminded of Ohkura's word on the final day of Kumon Onna where he wonders if he will just hate acting after this work but in the end Kumon Onna makes him fall in love with acting instead.

ANN 170708

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They begin by complaining about the heat and how Yu-kun alternately turn the air con on and off throughout the night XD.

Kura said Yu-kun is 'hairy' today (mustache grows XD) and asked how long does it takes for Yu-kun to grow that much of facial hair. Yu-kun said it took about 3 days? Ohkura was like “That was amazing!”

Yu-kun asked in confusion about what was amazing and Kura explained that for the stage play, it took him 2 WEEKS to grow out decent amount of facial hair like that. He said if he grows it for only 3 days, his facial hair is so sparse/scanty that it looks like he only went hitchiking or sth XD.

Yu-kun said he's generally is pretty hairy so. XD Kura said that it's cool and manly but Yu-kun refutes that it's annoying. Kura explained that he admires people who can grow facial hair very well like Spain guys who can get their sideburns, mustache and beard all connected XDD. But since he's working as an idol, he thinks it'd be impossible for him to do that and furthermore during the stage play, he finally realize that his body hairs are just wayy too sparse to ever be connected XD.

Yu-kun said his facial hairs curls if he lets it grow longer XD. He once let it grows for weeks when he didn't have any media appearance job but when he do have media apperance job, he'd shave it because for his family, they think it's rude to not look neat when doing work that requires them to appear to public.

Yu-kun asked if he has the 'ossan' face already (he thinks he didn't but he wanted to make sure) and Kura said Yu-kun has a 'teen' (in english) face lol. Yu-kun was like, “That was exaggeratinggg” but Ohkura replied that he really think so since Yu-kun didn't even have any wrinkles.

Tacchon think he didn't suit facial hair XD and during stage play time, everybody around him keeps on saying that it's gross lololol (Of course the members are gonna be savage about it XD). They were like, “Why do you have to do that sort of thing (in a tone like someone did sth very wrong XD)?”

Then when people who didn't know about the stage play asked him about that, the first and second time he answers but after that he was tired of saying the same thing again and again that he just didn't response anymore XD.

Yu-kun then said, “This is the first time I'm going to say this but for me, you really suit facial hair. Even the ANN staff think so.”

Yu-kun asked if the people who said Tacchon's facial hairs are gross are girls and Ohkura said that it's all guys XD because his facial is like 'patchy' and uneven and very fine.

Yu-kun: I guess your body is born to be an idol XD.

Yu-kun asked if all members of eito are that way and Tacchon replied that naww, they all grow body hairs very well unlike him. Even for armpit hairs, the rest of the members have thick armpit hairs and Tacchon will always have like, 10 strands of tiny fine armpit hairs XD. Even his arm hairs and leg hairs are fine and so he admired Yu-kun's body hairs. (Dawg enough with this body hair conversations!)

Wait what? Tacchon shaved his nostril hairs! Yu-kun was like, "Is that okay? Doesn't it make you more prone to infections?" Tacchon said he doesn't know if it's making him more prone to infections or not XD.

Tacchon said his schedule is pretty empty today so he went to a few self care appointments such as going to the dentists, massage and shopping in Harajuku lol.

But on any other days they are currently in the middle of preparation for the tour. Since his play ends, Tacchon said there's no days that he can actually said as his 'off/holiday' days but he then explain that the rest of the members experience the same thing too so.

Yu-kun said since Nishikido-kun's drama is about to start, he saw him a lot on tv (Yu-kun is currently having a break and so most of his time is dedicated to rolling around in front of tv lol). Cue Tacchon promoting that Ryo-chan's drama start today and he managed to see it a bit before coming to ANN. Yu-kun said he didnt get to see the drama itself but he ends up watching most of Ryo-chan's drama promotion on variety shows.

Tacchon said his recorders hard disk is currently full of Ryo-chan and he watches them little by little. He set one of the keywords on his recorders with “Kanjani” so it will auto record the shows that the members are on and he will then watch it. Yu-kun asked if members knew that Tacchon did that and Tacchon said he didn't know about the members but for him compared to watching people he didn't know, isn't it much more interesting to watch people he knows? XD His tone suddenly got so cold that Yu-kun was like taken aback and said “maa, maa, maa, maa, maa” (Until now Yu-kun still couldn't adjust to Tacchon's mood swings XDD). Tacchon then tone down and said he does find the shows with unknown people interesting too but less interesting than the ones he knows.

Yu-kun asked if other groups do that too and Tacchon said it depends on the person. For him since Ryo-chan rarely appears on variety shows other than for drama promotions, when Ryo-chan has that opportunity, he finds it interesting to watch Ryo-chan on those shows.

XD;; now the topic is about porn magazine. Yu-kun asked if Tacchon likes the ones that reveals everything and Tacchon said he likes the ones that reveals nothing (what sort of porn mags are those?!) Yu-kun was shocked when Tacchon said that there's gravure idols that didn't shave their armpits and told listeners to tweet it to Yu-kun lol (I think he's referring to the model who appeared on Janiben before).

LAWL, the listeners sent emails regarded gravure idols who didn't shave their armpits with their pictures to ANN and Tacchon was like, “Dude, why you gotta send gravure pictures now?! We're guys too and we're trying to work here yo!” XDDD. You asked for it you idiot!

They then talk about girls that has mustache. They didn't sound turned off by it though lol. Tacchon said he was like, theoretically curious about it when he sees that. He's like, “Why does it grow on girls too? It is due to the fact that they have strong male hormones too?” And he said he's curious of why girls shave their arm and leg hairs. He wonders if it's inconvenient to let it remain or sth or is it more inconvenient to actually shave it off. For him, it's fine if girls didn't shave their arm or leg hairs or whatever hairs lol (Total opposite to Yoko XD). So does Yu-kun, they fine natural is the best. But then Tacchon said, “But if the girl bleach her armpit hair then THAT'D be a different story though!! I'd be like, “Wtf is she doing.”” XDDD

He said even for guys there are certain people who bleach only their mustache and when he sees that he's like, “What.” XD

Tacchon said his mother was complaining about how annoying it is and how much it hurts when she removes her facial hair. She did it in the bed room instead of bath room so that's why he saw it. Yu-kun said that Tacchon has a pretty open minded mom then because Yu-kun's mother and sisters had never let their shaving activities be seen by him. Tacchon then said, it's probably because he's her son so her mother don't mind? She'd most probably mind it if it were to be witnessed by his dad though because she told him that she had never farted in front of Tacchon's dad. Yu-kun said on the other hand his family doesn't mind openly farting. Tacchon said he'd be uncomfortable if the girl like boast that she farts a lot or something but if it's like something natural (not something that is forced just to be interesting or sth) then he finds that it's fine just as it is since it's just being human lol. (I think it depends on family? Like my family, regardless of you being a guy or a girl it's rude to fart openly unless you can't control it anymore? In class since elementary school we were taught to go outside if we were to fart too since it's considered as 'manners')

Tacchon said if they're like “JAJAAAAANN!!” proudly showing their super hairy armpits, regardless of them being a male or female, it'd annoy him XD. Btw, Yu-kun said he's the type that didn't openly fart too XD. I have a feeling that Tacchon is not the openly farting type too if he hates taking bath with the members even after 20 years of knowing them XD.

First caller is a 32 years old mother of 5 children and Tacchon was like, “We're the same age but the path that we walk on in our lives are totally different!” Tacchon said it must be hard raising children while giving birth to 5 children within 13 years of marriage. He asked a lot since he's curious of the kind of life he'd live if he chose her path XD.

She said her 1st child is 13 years old and Tacchon is like, “Meaning it's possible for me to have a 13 years old child by now? 8D;; I.... totally couldn't imagine it”

She talked about how she fought with her first son for asking him about the porn mags that she found in his bedroom. Tacchon said he'd be embarrassed about it if he were in that situation but he's not sure if he's going to be angry at her mother (he often said that he had never had 'rebellious age'). Yu-kun said the son is probably experiencing the rebellious age. Cue Tacchon's story about accidentally taking back home the foreign porn magazine when he was a teen where it was taken when his family is vacationing oversea. When he reached home in Japan he was surprised to see it and didn't know what to do with it since he couldn't throw it for fear of being seen by his parents. He then hide it away in his closet.

Then one day he saw that lone magazine without any other trash inside his dad's dustbin. His dad didn't say a word but he does seem disappointed because he's still one who said “He's still young, don't make him see/listen to such things” like he still wanted Tacchon to remain as a kid XD. He does seems shocked too to see that his kid son is actually on the staircase to 'adulthood' XD. But his dad seems to give an obvious message of “throw this sort of thing away!” to him at that time without saying a word. Tacchon on the other hand was just crazily embarrassed to be found out by his dad about it.

So he guesses that since the son of the caller is openly angry to her about it, they must have a very close relationship where they can be more honest about their feelings. (Tacchon's parents are more traditional type. While they provide the necessity and love, they are the type that'd give tough love too. E.g: Tacchon's dad slapping Tacchon after finding out that he skipped school and lied about it (Radio Sukiyanen) and Tacchon's mom slapped him when she found out that he pierced his ear during junior high? Era (magazine)).

Tacchon and Yu-kun said until now they didn't want their parents to accidentally see their 'porn collections' even when they are in their 30s. It'd be more embarrassing still for the 13 years old son lol. Tacchon said even until now, if there's a love scene or kiss scene on tv while watching tv with his parents, he'd feel embarrassed and awkward about it. He said he didn't want his parents to see his love scenes (XD Clover?) too because it's just too embarrassing.

So his advice to the mother to just pretend to forget about the incident and let things turn into a normal everyday XD. If things still get tough or the son is still pissed, he said to call ANN again and they will give advice again XD.

Tacchon said there was one time when he went out to eat with his family (he's 14 at that time) and he wanted to say “Ah, have you seen that scary movie, 6th sense (Bruce Willis)!” but he accidentally said “Ah, have you seen that scary movie, 69?”. Before that the table was noisy with their conversations but when he said that the table turned awkward and silent. Tacchon was like “!!!!!!!” and the rest of the meal was totally quiet XD;;. He said that memory remains with him that he even remember that they were eating oden at that time XDD.


JAM tour starts next week!! Tacchon said the thing he needs to promote at the end of the show are gradually lessening week by week and he fears that by the time tour ends the only PR he can say is “This week, Ohkura is genki too and I'm in my NEET mode now!” XD. Yu-kun said, he actually look forward to the time when Tacchon'd say that though XD. Yu-kun said he'd like to go but 1 thing for sure, his niece who managed to get the ballot will be among the audience in Sapporo dome XD.

Tacchon said all guys have experienced having their porn mags being found out by their parents and talk about it over alcohol but the son of the caller has that story being told on national radio show by his mom so he said a few years later when the son is older he'd like the son to call them and talk about it XD.


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