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Sep. 17th, 2017 09:50 am
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So last week after the ANN recording, Ohkura went to sleep for 1 hour before moving to Mste work XD. For Yu-kun, last week he keeps on mentioning about eating Soba after ANN ends and after it really ends, his two managers and ANN staffs all walk together and leads him to the nearest Soba restaurant. But they didn't eat together with him. Yu-kun was like, “Why wouldn't you all eat with me??” XD.

I think Tacchon talked about “SONGS” interview time. At that time somehow bodyguards are hired while they are walking around memorable place in Osaka up until Shochikuza. Kura was pretty embarassed about them needing bodyguards because apparently the people around really didn't bother to turn their heads to eito at all and a lot goes, “Who the heck are those people?” XD;;. Kura was like, “I'm thankful that they care about us and care about our safety but the people there don't even know us, whatever these bodyguards are guarding us against?” XD

So apparently the staff didn't eat together with Yu-kun because Yu-kun didn't say anything about eating together with him in the first place. Yu-kun said he wanted to but he really is not the type to invite (Subaru type lol) XD;;;. Yu-kun ended up really eating alone because even the managers went back home.

Yu-kun: They truly gave me alone time. Even during tours. =.=
Kura: Probably because they try to give you chance to get ideas for your new songs?

Also, the managers shows Yu-kun restaurants that do sell tempura soba.

Kura: Tempura soba is everywhereeee. You gotta be an idiot to not be able to find that!
Yu-kun: We walked to the place and then they go, “Well, we arrived. So bye!”
Kura: Invite them! You didn't invite but you also end up feeling all lonely eating alone like that, geez! XD
Yu-kun: But well, I feel more relaxed when I eat alone too.
Kura: Ah, like we don't have to be cautious of anyone and think of anyone else right?
Yu-kun: Yep. Like, I don't have to check whether anyone's water is about to finish
Kura:...... You don't have to be THAT cautious.
Yu-kun: But I feel like, If I am the one to invite, then I need to take care of everything for them! Including ordering, checking their water, everything will be my responsibility! (He's really..... super cautious XD;)

They went on to compliment how managers are really good at human relations instead. Like how all those years ago during the first time Kura and Yu-kun did ANN together. Kura and Yu-kun are the types that couldn't immediately become close to anyone so the first few times, there were quite a distance between them because they're both introverts. But their managers become close to each other from the very first day!

Yu-kun: Ah, but it was talks about horse race right? XD;
Kura: Also, like, during our busiest moments, the managers will be even more busy right? They even more didn't sleep. And yet they did it all very well.

Kura says when the members have to stay at hotels they will definitely invite managers to eat and drink together with them. Also when Kura and manager (2 persons) have to stay at hotel, Kura will definitely ask the manager to eat and drink together with him. Kura says he dont really like staying alone in hotel so as much as possible he will stay away from being alone in his hotel room and do things as much as possible with manager lol. If he's staying with members then he will definitely invite members to be together with him. But there are times when he found that there's like really good restaurants in that area that are hard to get reservations. At those place he will go alone since it's easier to get reservation for 1 person. Glutton XD.

Talk about typhoon.

Kiseki no Hito

Kura: Ending song for Ryo-chan's drama, today's the final!

Lol maigad ANN staff! Kura and Yu-kun were arguing/discussing about how it is being “In the eyes of typhoon”. In the end ANN staff connected them to professional meteorologist live lol.

Kura: Explain it to us like we are grade 2 elementary students, okay? XD;
Meteorologist: XD I understand. I will explain it as simple as possible.

(I suck at environmental science so I'm not going to pretend like I know what on earth they are saying. Not translating that sorry! XD)

1st caller birth place is Hyogo but migrated to Nara then Osaka then Nara again. Kura almost revealed his home area lol. He said “Kintetsu Nara line” is the closest train line to my home XD. Yu-kun was like, “Wait, wait, wait.” Caller said she often watch Hina's show with BuraMayo (Black Mayonnaise). Caller said the stuff that the show teach (lol). She talks about self hypnotization.

Yu-kun: Ohkura have you ever been hypnotized.
Kura: I have
Yu-kun: What happened then?
Kura: I can't stop laughing (I think it's Honjani era?)
Yu-kun: Lol
Kura: I am originally someone who laugh easily at anything. They ordered me to be amused at everything and at that time they show me the back's of someone's foot and I laugh to death seeing that. Also lemon became sweet.

Yu-kun had never done it before and wanted to try. He kinda tried it once but it was during a party and they invited someone who he's not sure if he's a really professional hypnotizer or just a bogus one. The others were hypnotized to believe that they couldn't let go of their palm from their forehead and seemingly really couldn't do that. Yu-kun tried too but he actually end up easily capable of removing his hand. But since he didn't want to his friends to be annoyed by him, he exaggerated his act and pretend like he couldn't remove it too. XD;


Kura said he really loves “Otoseyo” the song for Maru's upcoming Movie! Kura said he will be checking out the promo vids for Maru's movie lol.

Yu-kun promoting his new single for a CM

Kura: Ah! That's a new song!
Yu-kun: Yep!
Kura: I heard it! “Uwah! Yu-kun!!” I thought when I heard that! :DDD

Then Yu-kun promotes his concert tour that will be going on until March 2018.

Kura: I want to go. I want to attend at a place that I've never been to.
Yu-kun: There's a lot of place that I do concert for the first time during this tour.
Kura: Hawaii?
Yu-kun: No, no, no. Local place. Local lol. There's still a long way to go for me to perform in Hawaii. I've never even been to Hawaii before.
Kura: Do you want to go?
Yu-kun: I want to. There'd be a chance that Kanjani may do it in future there too right?
Kura: Well, Kanjani urm... Where we are now, probably not just yet. In future...
Yu-kun: Well in the future, which one of us who will do a concert in Hawaii first, we will invite each other. What is this. This feels like a wedding invitation lol! Like, "Come one! Let's do it in Hawaii!"
Kura: "Eh! But it will cost a lot!" XD

(OI! XD What's with that sudden flirting!)

Kura said that he had never been to Hawaii other than for job (liess :P). He talked about the chair that 100 kai Naku Koto staff made for him in Hawaii.

Kura: Let's go to Guam?
Yu-kun: I want to go!!! Eh, urm... wait I get overexcited lol
Kura: Let's go to the beach, then shopping then look around
Yu-kun: I want to go~!!!!
Kura: Then good night all! XD

Kura and Yu-kun planning their Guam journey live on radio lololol.


ANN 170909

Sep. 10th, 2017 11:17 am
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Yu-kun: Is it okay Ohkura-san?
Kura: Yes, yes, yes yes
Yu-kun: lolll Are you okay?
Kura: I'm okay!
Yu-kun: You're fully awake? Your consciousness at it's full? Lol
Kura: Ah, in terms of consciousness it's pretty vague XD
Yu-kun: You won't be bothered by your nose?
Kura: XD; It's okay but you're probably going to hear some sniffing here and there (he caught a cold lol) XD

As promised, this week is recording! Yu-kun and Kura complained that 2 years ago ANN managed to to ANN live from Okinawa and Akita (3 person connection, staff-san in ANN studio connect Yu-kun from Akita and Kura from Okinawa) but nowadays couldn't even manage to connect ANN between studio (Yu-kun) and Fukuoka (Kura) due to budget and connection issues XD. They were like, “The 3 person connection is like a dream now”

Kura: But then when we did connection from Wakayama, the lag was wayyy too much and I was like, “What is interesting with this show now??”.
Yu-kun: Yeah, we even have one second difference when we did Janken and it was like, “Urm.” XDD

Apparently the studio that they used that day is the studio that Kura usually use for Sukiyanen (his solo radio show in 2013-2015 ish).

Kura: Even since then my low tension doesn't change at all until now
Yu-kun: lolll This is my first time being in this tiny weeny studio though XD

This recording time is in the morning XD. Kura said this is the first time he work with Yu-kun in the morning. Kura woke up at 9.00 am (and he considers that as early!) and Yu-kun woke up at 7 (and Kura consider that as VERY EARLY! XD)

Kura: I just woke up a few moments before this!
Yu-kun: Yeah, we alllll know when we see your face XD
Kura: I was thinking that, “I should not let them see my (sleepy) eyes!” and I cover my face with sunglasses now! XDD
Yu-kun: By now we all know that the moment we see you with sunglasses on we'll be “Ah, he's not in good mood/condition today!”
Kura: lololol NOT! It's just like... I'm just like, a girl without make up! XD

XD They asked staff if they had slept properly and everyone gave vague answer. Kura apologize for making them work early in the morning like this due to his Fukuoka work XDD. They reminiscent about how last time they had to do ANN recording they end up having to do it in the CD record room since there's no studio at all. This time, they had to abide by Kura's schedule again too since Kura has no other free time other than 10 am. Staff checked yesterday and found out that other than this tiny studio, there's no other available empty studio anymore XD. After the recording of this ANN, Kura will be going to Mste studio. But he has a 3 hours gap of time in between though lol.

The recording staff (ANN recording staff? J&A recording staff? Kinda vague here) were being cautious and suggested that Kura goes for lunch at that 3 hours gap time. They keep on suggesting lunch and Kura got annoyed and was like, “I'm not gonna be eating lunch for the whole 3 hours y'know!” XD. So Kura is drinking coffee to wake himself up now. He ordered the biggest size XD. He said he'd most probably fully wake up during Mste though since he'd be nervous then (naw, you look sleepy too during Mste Kura XD. You only fully wake up when camera pans towards you!).

Kura: But my talk doesn't have any quality though so...
Yu-kun: Eh? Uh? Why the sudden self negativeness?? XD
Kura: XD Human tends to get negative when they are half awake
Yu-kun: I understand XD, it's the timing when you are at your weakest XD

Kura talk about the talk he did during Janiben (manager-san calling and waking him up at 20 minutes, 10 minutes before and when manager-san arrive before they go to the job). Kura said for 10 years he would usually at least be ready already by the 10 minutes call but today he's worse and at the 10 minutes call he haven't even been ready yet XD. Lol, judging by his narration, he talk to his manager-san in a sueko-ish tone like how he talk to YokoHina too lol.

Kura said in between the 10 minutes, he dreams that he's already at the studio so he thought that he is already awake and working lol but then return to reality by manager-san's call XD.

Yu-kun's schedule after this will be song creation!

Kura's current food boom is yuzu (the food) and yudetaro. Yu-kun's current boom is tempura.

My Boom song corner!

Where Yu-kun and Kura choose song that they think is the boom for each other and the other person say yes or no by the bell.

Kura toootally choose a song that Yu-kun didn't know (it's an Osaka song so XD) but still persuaded Yu-kun to say yes lol.

Kura: This is my intro, there's a storyline to the song I choose today. If you say no to this then my whole plan went up in the air! (persuasive little devil)
Yu-kun: Ehhhhh but it's a song I totally dont know? How am I gotta say it's my boom??? Xp

Yu-kun so gentle! He end up say yes for Kura XDD. Pretty old song, like... fathers of late 20s and early 30s years old adults era songs. Kura confess that he likes songs from this era. We know, you talked about Ozaki Yutaka-san for monthsss in ANN before Kura XD. Kura say Yu-kun can choose this sort of song to get the heart of older people when he sing with them at karaoke lol.

Yu-kun's choise is Kassai (Chiaki Naomi)
Kura: …. Dasai (lame)?
Yu-kun: no no no KASSAI

Apparently Yu-kun had sung this song before when he went karaoke with Kura. Yu-kun talked about how this performance from Kohaku can be found on streaming sites. XD Yu-kun you're talking about watching illegal streaming sites on radio like it's no big deal!

XD; Their choice of songs keeps on being very oldddd. 3rd song is Sake to Onna.

Kura said today most probably the older listeners will listen to them. On the other hand the younger listeners most probably will not listen to them. He imagine them saying “I never heard of all the songs they play today” “This doesn't seem like Yu-kun and Ohkura!”

Kura: (justifying themselves lol) We have this side of ourselves too. Human doesn't have only one side you know.

Yu-kun said there are times when he went out drinking with Kura they didn't really talk much and just enjoy the song played in the background, especially songs from the era that they play tonight.

Kura said there are times when he went out to eat Yakiniku with his friends and certain restaurants play good songs. At such times, he didn't listen to his friends conversation at all and keeps on complimenting the songs line up in his heart lol. (XD I guess this is the thing that MaruHina said about Ohkura sometimes drifting into his own world even when he is surrounded by them lol. He's start ignoring them and smile to himself and go into his own world XD (mags, Recomen))

Kura: Then my friends would go, “Are you listening to me?” and I'd come back to reality and go “Ah, sorry, sorry, sorry!” XD;;;
Yu-kun: I'd get annoyed at the conversations. I'd feel like, “Ugh... be quiet, I want to listen to the songs” XD.
Kura: Yeah XD;
Yu-kun: I understand XD
Kura: Even the meat and the alcohol would taste better with good background songs!
Yu-kun: …. Ah, I'm getting hungry due to this conversation
Kura: lolllll!

4th song is Momoiro Toiki (old song too) by Takahashi Mariko eroi song chosen by Yu-kun lol

Kura: Scary.
Yu-kun: Why scary???! It's romantic!!!

Apparently this song is chosen by the listener because it's a song that her family always listen to while they are on a drive. It's a nostalgic song for her since now even the car they used to have no longer exist anymore.

Kura: Ah, tonight all the listeners who send their song are peopl of the same age as us. We have the same kind of feeling. “That car from that time is no longer there...” “The family from that time no longer exist...”
Yu-kun: ?! The family is still there! It's just that we all drift apart but we can still gather together again! XD
Kura: “The me from that time no longer exist...”
Yu-kun: Still exist!!! Still exist!!

Kura is pretty negative today lolol, having a cold + sleepiness is a lethal mood combination I guess XD. It's Yu-kun who have to be the motivator and comforter today XDD.

5th song: Yamaguchi Momoe “Sayonara no Mukougawa” (old song too). Kura said “The ossan that I'm close to likes to sing this song too”

Judging from Yu-kun's laugh, it's either Kura's parents, actor that Yu-kun knows too or it's Hina (Hina likes to choose this sort of songs too) and I can totally imagine Kura call Hina ossan straight to his face lol.

Kura wonders if listeners end up drifting to sleep due to their choices of songs today lol.

6th song (final): Super old song too. Kura said he think he had heard it when he was a kid.


Tour final!

Pekojani8 about to start!

Yu-kun's tour is about to start soon! Most probably will be a lot of recordings of ANN soon since Yu-kun's concert is usually on Saturdays. Kura said he will try to go to Yu-kun's concert too. And if possible the two of them can do a live radio from there XD. Yu-kun said, “And after that we can go and drink together while listening to songs!”

Is Kura planning to stay at Yu-kun's family home in Akita again this year? XD He still sound genki despite the cold, just sleepy, so nothing to worry about then! XD Good luck for final today guys!




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