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(Posting for my own purposes--I like to make little notes/reflections about places that I visited...will be updating as I go along just so I can remember things about my trip).

First Day:
-Pike Place Market: a gigantic farmer's market with a bunch of fish, flowers, and handicrafts. We saw a crow snatch a shellfish from an ice bucket, and I purchased a handmade necklace from one of the local artists
-Pike Place Chowder: DELICIOUS (albeit expensive). Compared to Boudin's clam chowder soup from San Francisco, I have to say that I do think the Pike Place Chowder is better (granted, with all that butter, it's bound to taste better no matter what LOL)
-Gum Wall (quite disgusting really lol): My friend and I actually got lost trying to find this blasted wall. It's like one of those places that's hidden in some random alley that you will only find after climbing down 3 and a half flights of stairs, make a weird turn at some crooked alleyway lined with piss and trash, and walk until you see a bunch of tourists attempting to take pictures. Not my cup of tea, but my friend got her wish to see the gum wall :D

Second Day:
-Seattle Aquarium: My friend wasn't too keen on going (her exact words were "It's not like we haven't seen a fish before" XD), but in the end, she caved in for my sake XD I love aquariums and the Seattle Aquarium seemed promising. In terms of size and species, the Seattle Aquarium didn't disappoint. We saw otters, birds, seals, sea lions, coral, shrimp, fish, and a ton of other random creatures that I wouldn't be able to name off the top of my head. Was it extremely impressive? Probably not...but for a causal tour, I thought it wasn't too bad!
My one gripe: the amount of children. This is one of the cases where I really force myself to consider if I want children or not...
-Argossy Cruise: This was one of those things that was offered on the Seattle city pass that we had purchased....and we just did it for the heck of it. Nothing too amazing, but it was nice sitting on a boat and listening to the tour guide.

Third Day:
-Space Needle: Probably the most tourist-y thing ever XD It's the one attraction that almost everyone will go to when they visit Seattle. Overall, it's a pretty neat landmark and there was a nice combination of art + science.
-Chihully Glass Museum: The highlight of the trip, in my opinion. Pictures don't do this place justice. It's a beautiful exhibition with perhaps a bit too much color...but that's precisely the point. It's meant to show case the flexibility of glass not only in its color, but also in its form. Definitely a work of art, and I highly recommend it! There's both an interior and an exterior part of the museum; both are worth seeing (I personally found the garden outside to be much more endearing), so go go go!
-EMP Museum: HELLO KITTY EXHIBITION! By sheer chance, my friend and I happened to visit during one of the last days that the Hello Kitty Exhibition was being held at the EMP Museum. There was just a tad too much of Hello Kitty for me (and too much pink XD), but I still enjoyed being able to see just how popular Hello Kitty is. You also get to see Hello Kitty in a myriad of different transformations, characters, etc etc---truly an impact on pop culture all over the world.

Fourth Day:
-Piroshky Piroshky Bread: This was a small little bread place near Pike's Place Market, and every single time my friend and I passed by, we would get a whiff of delicious smelling bread....but we always felt so deterred by the line in front of the store. Nevertheless, we mustered up our courage on the last day, and we jumped right into line to get their famous smoked salmon pate (essentially a crunchy-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside baguette exterior with smoked salmon + cream cheese filling on the inside)! Delicious *_*

Cafe that we visited because we loved it so much: Storyville Cafe. Honestly, this was the one place that completely stole my heart XD This was a cafe that we visited on a whim solely because (1) yelp (2) I love coffee and I wanted something other than Starbucks (we did pass by the first original Starbucks but the army of camera-touting tourists was enough to deter me and my friend). I ordered a cappuccino and my friend ordered a black tea latte.

It. was. SO GOOD. (My mouth is watering at the thought, UGH <3).

The cappuccino was smooth, and there was no over-the-top frothiness/extra milk foam. I also got a taste of my friend's black tea latte and it was the one drink that we both just absolutely fell in love with *_* We liked it so much, that we pretty much went every morning for 3 days in a row XD The staff and baristas were super friendly (cute store as well!), and after catching a glimpse of how the baristas made the tea latte, I could definitely see why this place was so highly recommended. They used actual legit black tea--GOOD tea leaves in pyramid tea bags (not the crappy instantaneous shreds of tea leaves from Lipton, mind you) that were kept in an air-tight container. They set a timer to steep the black tea so as to avoid any extra bitterness seeping through the drink, and then added a dash of sweetener (the barista told me it was home-made honey?) with frothed milk.

If I were to visit Seattle again, I would be happy if I just visited Storyville Cafe on its own. *_*

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