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Very very late to the party, but finally watched The Quiz Show 2.

I had watched Hidarime Tantei Eye (...which honestly had quite a poor script and probably relied more on star power than anything), so naturally the next one on my list was The Quiz Show 2. Again...not a super amazing script (some of the character interactions seriously just made me cringe =.= like Takasugi asking Honma about his plots), but I appreciated that there was more thought behind the story.

Of course, there were plenty of exagerrated moments that probably would never happen in real life (no audience would be that stupid), but damn...some of the material was quite thought-provoking. The setting itself--a quiz show that reveals desires and dreams at a steep price--is quite dark. Moreover, the fact that it's presented as a "game" show is even more disturbing in some sense. Do you consider these "secrets" to be nothing more than 'entertainment' because you're not actually murdering or killing people? And yet, people's lives are essentially ruined after admitting to their crimes of the past. Wouldn't that also be considered a type of 'murder'?

Sakurai Sho was never an amazing actor in my opinion (his face doesn't really get 'into' the acting), but I still think he did a decent job as MC Kamiyama. Granted, this was right up his alley--he had to be a gameshow host and it's nothing that he hasn't done before XD If anything, he certainly would be the one and only idol who probably could pull off such a 'host' character with such ease.

Yoko (yes, I'm biased) actually had me believe his character a few times (then again, Yoko seems to always get these dark, angsty villain roles). The episode where his eyes go insane as he laughs when Saejima is forced to admit that her daughter is not actually hers certainly gave me the creeps. Moreover, I do appreciate that Yoko isn't too concerned about looking "pretty" on camera when crying/yelling (Sho, in my opinion, still kind of is conscious about how his face looks when on camera...but this was probably when he was still young XD). Honma Toshio was quite a twisted character (offering 'dreams' as bait because it's the one thing that desire gets...which in some sense, was Honma himself) @@ and Yoko made the crying scene quite believable in the last episode with his voice all strained and cracking from his tears.

Probably the only scenes that made me kind of >_> were the ones where Sho/Yoko had to act out memory loss/regain. Then again, benefit of the doubt--those are tough to make believable.

Normally, I dislike the female protagonists in dramas (I find them so shallowly developed, and they usually exist just for eye candy or comic relief), but I actually kind of liked Nitta Misaki. To be fair, her character wasn't super engaging either...she really was there just to provide plot background (childhood friends and the love interest of Kamiyama/Honma) and finally, the instigator--the death that pushed Honma to desperation and ultimately murder her.

In some way, you honestly feel bad for Kamiyama...he confesses, and is rejected. He offers a prank to Misaki, without realizing the consequences until the moment when Honma becomes desperate enough to kill Misaki and himself after the plane crash. Yet, you can't quite deny that Kamiyama was probably darker than he came off as? Did he really, out of pure ignorance, suggest a prank to lie to Honma about Misaki's love for him? Or was it out of jealousy--wanting to torment Honma some more for being the object of Misaki's affections?

It's just...you can imagine the anger and rage that Honma must have felt when Kamiyama woke up from his coma, and yet forget everything. For six years, Honma had to live with knowing that he caused Kamiyama's coma, and yet Kamiyama wakes up having absolutely no memory and anguish about the past. In particular, it's this inability to "attribute" fault to anyone that angers Honma (or anyone) the most. And so, (or as the plot tells it) Honma's first instinct is to protect himself...thus leading to "episodic memory" which eventually drives Honma to an obsessive desire for revenge.

....or maybe I think too much XD On a random note, this reminds me a lot about A Separate Peace (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Separate_Peace)...


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