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Christmas 2016 - nothing quite eventful, just the usual dinner party with family. I am quite happy to say that this year, I bought my very first Christmas present for my parents :D It took quite a while to actually come up with a gift, but I finally settled on a bonsai tree mainly because (1) I knew my mom had been wanting one for the longest time (2) She wouldn't make me return it (typical Asian family values XD) (3) No one would bother me about the price (for almost every single gift I try to get my parents, I am forced to pretty much lie about how much the actual darn thing cost)

New Year's Resolution - still hashing them out, but pretty much have stuck with the same goals as last year's albeit with some adjustments XD I used to not believe in new year's resolutions, but in recent years, I have grudgingly accepted that they do give some motivation to really get going on some self-improvement.

I do have this week off from work, and it's been quite nice to just sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and doing whatever the hell I want XD For a good moment, I almost felt like as if I was forgetting something while I was attempting to watch K8's Chronicle...but after ~30 min, I was able to finally relax and enjoy the show :D The more I watch the show, the more I love the group of idiots XD They actually do seem like a group of boys who genuinely do enjoy being around each other--they're not afraid of pressing each other's buttons and they certainly don't mind offending each other :3 Comparing them to, say, Arashi (still a favorite of mine, but they're just a tad too polite at times...although in recent years, I do think they've gotten closer?), I find K8 to be much more relatable--almost like the friendly group of neighborhood friends/classmates who still hang out every once in a while. There's this...snark that's just very characteristic of K8's interactions with each other, and I love watching it manifest whenever they're yelling/jeering at each other because it's such a beautiful friendship....

Gahhh TT_TT


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