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Oh the irony...

Not entirely too sure what to think about it.

I knew B back in college, and I'll fully admit at the time that I had a bit of a crush on B. We were in the same circle of friends, and even now, we all get together at least once every two months to catch up and hang out. I'm grateful that I have such great company for friends.

There was always this joke that a few close friends had made--I was (and still am) single and so was he at the time. Naturally, there was talk that maybe we could try. I didn't know how to handle the situation (I'm an introvert, and frankly the idea of even asking someone about dating was already making me awkward and nervous), so I always brushed it off as just a joke.

Lo and behold, at our gathering today, he brings a date.

I'm...surprised, to say the least. I never knew that he had even cared about getting into a relationship (he always looked like as if he didn't really bother). I can't say I'm upset--frankly, I don't even talk to B that often to even say that we're super close or anything. But I guess...I'm feeling a bit of regret now that I didn't at least...try harder or act upon it. It could have been...but I left it just lying there, and it's too late now ^^;;;

Oh the irony...


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