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Out of curiosity, I started watching Hidarime Tantei Eye (I'm so late, I know). Not going to lie--I love Yoko, so I was watching it mainly for eye candy XD. For some reason, Yoko tends to have the villain role in a lot of his dramas (not that I mind...he looks amazing in black XD)...

The plot was...pretty poorly developed, in my honest opinion. It wasn't very realistic, and the nurse irritated me like no other =.= but major props to Yamada who at least did seem believable in his genuine concern for his friends and family. I thought it was adorable that Yoko and Yamada shared the same birthday and were exactly 12 years apart o_o!

I don't have much of an opinion on Yoko's acting (I haven't seen enough to really make a judgement call). As a villain, I think he pulled off a decent job (he certainly fits the part...he has the 'typical' face of a cold-blooded person despite how derpy he can be lmao). The story behind the Tanaka siblings seemed half-developed, but Yoko really did try his best. He admittedly doesn't seem to be the type with strong muscles/build, and in some of the action scenes, you could totally tell that the other actors were doing quite a bit of the grunt work to make up for Yoko's lack of physical strength XD

Since I had watched it mainly for eye-candy, I'm not going to complain any further XD My eyes were like *_* seeing Yoko in a black suit, and his hair...*drool*...


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