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A happy belated birthday to me :3

Hard to believe that it's been a good 2 years since graduating from college. I don't feel anymore like an adult...nor do I feel like I'm anywhere close to being 'mature'. Every morning I wake up and get to work, and sometimes I'm quite amused at myself for managing to 'look' the part of an adult, but not really feeling like one.

If anything, my brain clearly still thinks that it's 15-16 years old XD I still have the same interests (primarily food, fandom, music)...perhaps fueled by more monetary capabilities as I am part of the working force now. Maybe I've learned to be a bit more well-tempered? I still whine/complain a lot, that's for sure :3

Back when I was still in high school, I used to care so much about how many people would care to say happy birthday to me on Facebook. It was always a popularity battle--who got the most wall posts, the most comments, the most likes...and my god, it was just awful. I was never the popular one, and naturally, the number of likes/thumbs up/comments never got anywhere close to the counts of my popular classmates.

Funny how now, as an 'adult' (can I call myself that? HAH), I'm finding myself to be a bit more...at peace with it. I'm okay with being the introvert--the girl who likes to sit in the corner and watch. I don't like socializing, but I've gotten used to having to put up a 'nice' front with people that I'm not that close with. I don't like drinking that much, so happy hours definitely are a struggle....but I realized that I don't have to go. Nor do I have to drink with my coworkers.

Most of all, I think I've come to treasure the few people who actually bother to IM/text/call me to say happy birthday. They're the ones that actually put in the extra effort to contact me through means other than social media. Facebook is easy--there's a reminder on the side of your wall that tells you whose birthday it is, and you type 2 words in less than 3 seconds, voila. I think I prefer the friends who actually bother to pick up the phone to chat with you, talk with you, and share this special day with you.

I don't need to value someone who clearly doesn't value me. It's a hard reality to accept because we're always told to be such "people-pleasers"...but I think I'm slowly catching on.

Happy birthday to me :)

(On a completely unrelated note: I had been eyeing the Logitech K750 solar-powered keyboard for Macs for the longest time...my dad was nice enough to buy one for me. I loved it at first, but within the first 2 months, the keyboard couldn't even hold a charge T_T Luckily, after digging through receipts on Amazon, I saw that the product had a 3 year limited warranty. Normally I hate contacting companies for warranties--it's a hassle, and you probably won't get anything out of it, but I decided to give it a try anyways.

Lo and behold, imagine my surprise when Logitech actually offered to ship a replacement. :D

Typing never felt so good ^_^)
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